Announcing LinkMink’s new Leads Feature

We’ve just released a new feature that will track leads and clicks for both the brands their affiliates. When a visitor comes to your website through a referral link, they will now be visible as a lead within LinkMink. You’ll be able to see where that lead came from, who referred them and what page on your site was visited. The new leads feature will be available for both the brand and the affiliate to track and nurture their leads.


This is a feature we’ve been planning since the beginning and has us very excited. Tracking leads will allow affiliates and brands to see which links are sending traffic to their site, see total clicks, unique leads, and top click sources all by date. These insights will lead to more finely tuned affiliate programs.
For brands, understanding who and where your referred leads are coming from will let you know which affiliates are actively promoting your product.
How to get started
If you’ve already integrated with LinkMink, all you’ll have to do is update the LinkMink script you’re to version 2. This will enable the new leads feature. For more info on updating to v2 visit our upgrade guide.